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Fall 2020 Line Up

Fall 2020 ScheduleSee the full schedule of events (here)! 

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Disrupting Disruptions Podcast

The Feminist and Accessible Publishing, Communications, and Technologies Speaker and Workshop Series is starting a podcast: Disrupting Disruptions!
In an effort to make our events accessible, we seek to publish content in various formats. We have released video footage of many of our events. With the consent of the presenters, several of the series' events have now been converted into podcast episodes. 

All podcast episodes will be accompanied by transcripts, released at the same time as the audio episodes, available on our website.-- (click here)

How to Organize Inclusive Events: A Handbook for Feminist, Accessible, and Sustainable Gatherings

Our series founder, Dr. Alex Ketchum, has published a new book: "How to Organize Inclusive Events: A Handbook for Feminist, Accessible, and Sustainable Gatherings."
 These are principles we work to incorporate within our speaker series. There is an entire section on virtual/cyber events. To order,


W   e now have a listserv! You've asked for a way to follow our events and publications without social media , so we created a listserv. You can sign up here. We promise not to clutter your inbox or spam you. We will only send the occasional email reminding you of upcoming events and publications.

Good News!

We are pleased to announce the wonderful news that our series has received another SSHRC Connections Grant in order to support a second season of our series. With the current pandemic, we are holding off on booking our next lineup of speakers. We look forward to sharing more news with you in the coming months.

Season 1

We have 3 more events left for Season One! Please join us this February for Meredith Whittaker, Corina MacDonald, and Yuan Stevens! Season Two will begin in March 2020.