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Schedule of Events

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All events are free to attend, unless otherwise indicated. Click on the pink text to access the individual event pages.

Season Two (March 2020- April 2021)

March 18: Dr. Gabriella (Biella) Coleman on Alt Right vs. Anonymous: A Critical Comparison at 6 PM (rescheduling)

April 6: Dr. Elinor Carmi on Media Distortions at 6:30 PM (rescheduling)

October 5: Coded Bias Screening and Q and A with director Shalini Kantayaa at 7 PM (ONLINE)- partnering with Cinema Politica

October 28: Alice Wong on Disability/ Visibility: A Fireside Chat at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT) conversation with Elizabeth Patitsas and special introduction with Yolanda Muñoz

Season One (January 2019- February 2020)


January 23: Astra Taylor at McGill at 1 PM

February 25: Dr. Shawn Newman at McGill at 12 PM

March 15: Dr. Kristen Hogan at McGill at 4 PM

March 16: Dr. Kristen Hogan at L'Euguélionne at 4 PM

May 14: Suzanne Kite on Non-Human Futures: Ethical Frameworks for AI at 6:30 PM

August 21: Dr. Rumman Chowdhury on AI Ethics at MUTEK IMG ** ( there is a fee to attend)

September 5: Mimi Onuoha at Element AI, 5:45 PM

September 6: Mimi Onuoha at McGill at 12 PM

September 19: Dr. Sarah Myers West on AI and Intersectionality at 6:30 PM

September 26: Dr. Hannah McGregor on Feminist Academic Podcasting at 6:30 PM

September 27: Dr. Hannah McGregor Workshop on Feminist Academic Podcasting at 9:45-11:45 AM

October 1: Workshop with Metonymy Press at 12 PM

October 21: Workshop on Open Access and Open Data by Jenn Riley and Jessica Lange at 2:30 PM

October 25: Dr. Lauren Klein on Data Feminism and Open Review at 12 PM

November 4: Dr. Alex Ketchum Workshop on Public Facing Scholarship and Website Design at 2:30 PM

November 14: Dr. Cait McKinney on Crisis Infrastructures: AIDS Activism meets Online Content Regulation at 6 PM

November 15: 10th RéQEF masterclass entitled: Feminism & Technology: Desire, Opportunity, and Resistance