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Schedule of Events

All events are free to attend. You need to sign up on eventbrite to get the zoom webinar link (we do this to mitigate zoom bombings).

You can see the full list of our events on eventbrite: or click on the pink text to access the individual event pages (it will lead to the facebook event page with the link to the eventbrite page). 

Time zone is ET.  Virtual events are professionally live captioned in english.

Tentative Season 7 events (Full schedule will be confirmed later this summer):
September 11, 2024: Dr. Jonathan Flowers, 6 PM ET (virtual)
September 18, 2024: Dr. Mar Hicks, 6 PM ET (virtual)
September 20- hybrid event details to come
October 2, 2024: Dr. Lori Beckstead, Dr. Ian Cook, and Dr. Hannah McGregor on Academic Podcasting, 6 PM ET (virtual)
October 24, 2024: Dr. mattie brice, 6 PM ET (virtual)

_(Winter 2024): Season 6__
All hybrid and virtual events will have professional human CART captioning. 

January 9, 2024: Dr. Aron Lee Rosenberg on Jacking Out: A Year Spent Offline, Noon- 1:30 PM ET (hybrid)

January 24, 2024: Dr. Jaipreet Virdi on Deaf Futurity, 6 PM ET (virtual), in addition to CART captioning, we will have ASL interpretation

February 15, 2024: Khari Johnson on AI and Journalism, 6 PM (virtual)

February 29, 2024: asinnajaq artist talk, 6 PM (virtual), in collaboration with Indigenous Futures Research Centre

March 15, 2024: Queer Oral Histories with Gabrylle Iaconetti and Liam Devitt, in collaboration with Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling: COHDS, 12 PM (hybrid)

May 7, 2024: Dr. Ashley Shew on Against Technoableism, 6 PM ET (virtual). This event is part of the Ada X HTMlles festival. 

May 7, 2024: Dr. Ashley Shew on Against Technoableism, 6 PM ET (virtual). This event is part of the Ada X HTMlles festival. 


Season 5 (2023):
Fall 2023: (full schedule coming soon)

September 13, 2023: Danielle Boyer on Indigenous Robotics, cohosted with the Indigenous Futures Research Centre, 6 PM ET (virtual)

September 26, 2023: Christine H. Tran on  Homewrecker Platforms: Games, Gender & the Media Housework of Live Streaming, 6 PM ET (Hybrid: in-person and virtual options)

October 16, 2023: Dr. Kath Albury on Digital Sexual Health, 4 PM ET (Hybrid: in-person and virtual options). This event is cohosted with AHCS and the DIGS Lab.

November 2, 2023: Dr. Avery Dame-Griff on The Two Revolutions: A History of the Transgender Internet, cohosted with the DIGS Lab, 6:30 PM ET (Hybrid: in person and virtual options)

November 4, 2023: LGBTQ+ Books Celebration, 6 PM - 8 PM ET (in-person)

November 15, 2023: Dr. Tamara Kneese on Death Glitch: How Technosolutionism Fails Us in This Life and Beyond, 6 PM ET (virtual)

___(Winter 2023): Season 5_____

January 23, 2022: Historical Queer Music Night (fundraiser for Rock Camp Montreal), 7-10 PM at Turbo Haus (2040 Rue St. Denis, Montreal)

January 25, 2023: Dr. sava saheli singh on Screening Surveillance, 6 PM ET (virtual) 

February 7, 2023: Dr. Abeba Birhane on Machine Learning and Decoloniality, Noon ET (virtual)

March 15, 2023: Dr. Hannah Zeavin on Auto-Intimacy, 6 PM ET (virtual)- rescheduled from Feb 15

Past Events: 
Season 4 (2022):

Fall 2022

September 15, 2022: Becky Chambers: A  Fireside Chat on Queer Feminist Science Fiction , 6 PM ET (virtual)- co-hosted by Saga Bookstore

September 22, 2022: Dr. Catherine Knight Steele on Digital Black Feminism, 6 PM ET (virtual)

September 24, 2022: Dr. Stefanie Duguay and Dr. Alex Ketchum on Queer Women's Communication Networks: A Book Event, 4 PM ET (at L'Euguélionne Feminist Bookstore: 1426 Rue Beaudry, Montreal)

October 4, 2022: Klau Kinky of Gynepunk on DIY Gynecology Tools + Open Source, 12 PM ET (virtual, in Spanish with English captions)

October 26, 2022: Vernissage/Launch Party for the Exhibit on LGBTQ+ Student, Faculty, and Staff Activism at McGill (4th floor of McLennan Library at McGill- free food and drink), 4 PM 

October 29, 2022: Atelier Wiki LGBTQ2S+ at Archives Gaies du Québec, 1 PM ET (in person at the Archives gaies du Québec- en français/ in french only- limited to 12 participants)

November 3, 2022: Dr. Shannon Mattern of The City is Not a Computer , 6 PM ET (virtual)

November 30, 2022: Launch of Ingredients for Revolution at L'Euguélionne Feminist Bookstore 6 PM ET

_____Season 3, Part 2_ (Winter 2022)___________

January 12, 2022: Dr. André Brock on Distributed Blackness 6 PM ET (virtual)

January 27, 2022: Mindy Seu on Citations, Hypertext, and Online Activism 6 PM ET (virtual)

March 31, 2022: Stacey Copeland on Queer Soundwork: On Lesbian Feminist Practices of Discoverability at 6 PM ET (virtual)

April 7, 2022: Dr. Stefanie Duguay on Personal but not Private: Queer women, sexuality, and identity modulation on digital platforms  6 PM ET (virtual)

June 19, 2022: Dr. Alex Ketchum on Engage in Public Scholarship!: Feminist and Accessible Communication Launch (at Concordia University, co-hosted by DIGS Lab and Concordia University Press)

Season 3, Part 1 (September- December 2021):

For season 3, all events were virtual.

October 1, 2021: Dr. MC Forelle on Right to Repair, 5 PM (VIRTUAL) 

November 3, 2021: Op-Ed Writing and Analytical Commentary Workshop with Dr. Diane Dechief, 12:00- 1:30 PM (Lunchtime workshop) (VIRTUAL) - feel free to attend while eating lunch! 

November 10, 2021: Dr. Yuriko Furuhata on Manufacturing Artificial Weather: From Cold War Futurology to Smart Air-Conditioning, 6 PM (VIRTUAL)


Season 2: part 1 (March 2020- December 2020)

March 18, 2020: Dr. Gabriella (Biella) Coleman on Alt Right vs. Anonymous: A Critical Comparison at 6 PM (rescheduling)

October 5, 2020: Coded Bias Screening and Q and A with director Shalini Kantayaa at 7 PM (ONLINE)- partnering with Cinema Politica

October 28, 2020: Alice Wong on Disability/ Visibility: A Fireside Chat at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT) conversation with Elizabeth Patitsas and special introduction with Yolanda Muñoz

November 4, 2020: Meredith Broussard on Artificial Unintelligence at 7 PM, (ONLINE EVENT)

November 11, 2020: Joy Lisi Rankin of A People's History of Computing at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

Season Two, Part 2: Winter and Spring 2021 

(please note that the links to some of the 2021 events are forthcoming)

January 20: Sasha Costanza-Chock on Design Justice at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

January 27: Deborah Raji on Facial Recognition Technology on the Challenges of Audits, Accountability & Algorithmic Justice at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

February 3: Dr. Elinor Carmi on Media Distortions at 12 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

February 10: Yeshimabeit Milner on Abolish Big Data and Data 4 Black Lives at 7 PM (Canceled- hopefully will be rescheduled) 

February 17: Caroline Sinders on Feminist Data Set and CAre B0t at 6 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

February 18: Chancey Fleet on Digital Frictions and Dark Patterns in Accessible Technology at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

March 3: Keoni Mahelona and Peter-Lucas Jones on Indigenous Data Sovereignty at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

March 24: Rose Eveleth of Flash Forward Podcast: Imagine Better Futures at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)

March 31: Kate Crawford on the Atlas of AI at 7 PM (ONLINE EVENT)


Season One (January 2019- February 2020)


January 23: Astra Taylor at McGill at 1 PM

February 25: Dr. Shawn Newman at McGill at 12 PM

March 15: Dr. Kristen Hogan at McGill at 4 PM

March 16: Dr. Kristen Hogan at L'Euguélionne at 4 PM

May 14: Suzanne Kite on Non-Human Futures: Ethical Frameworks for AI at 6:30 PM

August 21: Dr. Rumman Chowdhury on AI Ethics at MUTEK IMG ** ( there is a fee to attend)

September 5: Mimi Onuoha at Element AI, 5:45 PM

September 6: Mimi Onuoha at McGill at 12 PM

September 19: Dr. Sarah Myers West on AI and Intersectionality at 6:30 PM

September 26: Dr. Hannah McGregor on Feminist Academic Podcasting at 6:30 PM

September 27: Dr. Hannah McGregor Workshop on Feminist Academic Podcasting at 9:45-11:45 AM

October 1: Workshop with Metonymy Press at 12 PM

October 21: Workshop on Open Access and Open Data by Jenn Riley and Jessica Lange at 2:30 PM

October 25: Dr. Lauren Klein on Data Feminism and Open Review at 12 PM

November 4: Dr. Alex Ketchum Workshop on Public Facing Scholarship and Website Design at 2:30 PM

November 14: Dr. Cait McKinney on Crisis Infrastructures: AIDS Activism meets Online Content Regulation at 6 PM

November 15: 10th RéQEF masterclass entitled: Feminism & Technology: Desire, Opportunity, and Resistance